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Possible Car Damages After A Fender Bender

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By definition, fender benders are considered minor car collisions that do not result in serious car damage. However, the term "serious" is only relative here because fenders aren't the only things that get damaged during a minor accident. If you have been involved in a fender bender, then you should expect other issues such as:

Paint Scratches

Even the most minor accident is likely to result in some paint scratches, so this is one of the things you will need to correct. Don't forget that paint repair isn't just a cosmetic process; it is the paint that protects your car's metallic parts from corrosion. If you drive with some exposed parts, then you will soon be dealing with rust damage.

Bumper Damage

The bumpers are the first line of defense as far as your safety is concerned. This means that it is the part most likely to get damaged in a fender bender. In fact, if you are lucky, then it may be the only part that gets damaged. You will need to replace or repair the bumper so that it can protect you the next time too.

Sensors Damage

Most modern cars have electronic sensors to improve occupant safety. A quick glance under your car's hood will reveal all kinds of electronics and cables. Many of these connections form a path between the car's body and the safety features such as collision avoidance sensors, hazard lights, and anti-lock braking systems (ABS), among others. Even slight collisions may damage these sensors, which is why you may notice a flurry of dashboard warning lights after a fender bender.

Damage to Child Restraints

Some child restraints may be reused after minor accidents. However, some get damaged and must be replaced after every accident, even minor ones. Check your child restraint's manufacturer guidelines and follow it to the letter. If you aren't sure, confirm from the manufacturer before using it again.


Lastly, you should also expect alignment issues after a fender bender. A car with misaligned wheels will tend to pull in one direction and lead to uneven and premature tire wear. To make matters worse, you may not be able to spot the damage right away with your naked eyes. On top of that, it gets worse when you continue driving without correcting it.

It is clear from these examples that fender benders aren't so simple after all.  For this reason, just because you can't see any serious damage on your car doesn't mean that it is safe to drive. Get it checked up by a collision auto body repair specialist before putting it on the road again.


27 January 2015