Best Vehicles for Towing

My name is Louis Alexander, and I want to thank you for stopping by my website. I have an active family that consists of my wife Janice, our three children, two dogs, three horses, and me. We needed not only a truck that could tow, but also one that would comfortably seat my family. We are on the road for many hours when traveling to horse shows or on camping trips. We needed a new vehicle. One that would be capable of towing our horse trailer and travel trailer. I did a great deal of research online before venturing out to test drive trucks. I learned a lot about tow capabilities and capacities. I also discovered some differences between trucks that ran on diesel and gasoline. I’m going to share some of the information I found out about trucks and hope you find it of value.

This Is Not Your Father's Vehicle


You're in the market for your first new car in years. One thing that's clear to you is vehicles today are manufactured in a different way than when you purchased your last car in the 20th century.

These days automakers not only use steel and rubber but also up to 100 small computers in the electrical system. These computers are connected to a central processing unit, which means major features such as steering and braking are all connected.

As someone who is used to working on your own car, you aren't thrilled about placing your car in someone else's hands when service is needed. However, while you may have done alright tinkering under the roof of your old car, your experience won't cut it with your new vehicle. 

Many of the problems in vehicles nowadays are in the electrical system. It takes a mechanic with specialized electrical training to address these issues. Here are a few reasons you should leave your car with a modern day professional when the need arises. 


An unfortunate threat that comes with computer electronics is hacking, and vehicles with wireless capabilities are not immune to this crime. Computer experts have proven they have the ability to hack into a car's dashboard controls, including the ignition switch, which puts you and drivers around you at risk.

If your engine were turned off while you were driving down the highway, your vehicle could crash into another moving car or the guardrail, for instance. 

Remedies to auto hacking are generally developed as the threats become known, which leaves you vulnerable. Even though you could access and install the fix in a USB stick provided by your vehicle manufacturer, a professionally trained mechanic will give you more peace of mind.

Bring the vehicle to the dealer or to an auto repair shop to perform the task to be sure your vehicle has the latest defense against hackers. 

The Environment 

When you're preparing your vehicle for inspection in your state, the last thing you want is to fail for too much smog. While it may be tempting to test your vehicle's emissions yourself, this could be problematic. 

Automakers are building cars that are more environmentally-friendly nowadays. For instance, some cars are designed to meet stricter carbon emissions standards so that fewer dirty substances are released into the air. By getting under the hood of the car, you could interfere with the car's emissions system and unknowingly compromise its performance. 

Auto repair shops are equipped for vehicle maintenance including emissions. They've got the equipment to test your vehicle's fume levels to make sure you're in compliance with the rules.


Buying a new vehicle is a big decision, particularly for someone who holds onto their cars for long periods of time. Developing a relationship with your local auto repair shop like G P Automotive will help you to keep your vehicle running smoothly for the long run.


8 August 2015