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My name is Louis Alexander, and I want to thank you for stopping by my website. I have an active family that consists of my wife Janice, our three children, two dogs, three horses, and me. We needed not only a truck that could tow, but also one that would comfortably seat my family. We are on the road for many hours when traveling to horse shows or on camping trips. We needed a new vehicle. One that would be capable of towing our horse trailer and travel trailer. I did a great deal of research online before venturing out to test drive trucks. I learned a lot about tow capabilities and capacities. I also discovered some differences between trucks that ran on diesel and gasoline. I’m going to share some of the information I found out about trucks and hope you find it of value.

Why Your Child's First Car Should Always Be Bought Used

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If you can afford it, you may be tempted to surprise your teenager with the brand new car that they've always dreamed of. However, there are several reasons why a used car is a great option for a first car.

A Reliable, Money-Saving Ride

When you find great used cars for sale, these automobiles can be in great condition and have many features without the high price tag. Check with a dealer to find used cars that have low mileage and refurbished interiors. If you're looking to set your child up with a nice car without making a huge investment, then a used car from a dealer like Aabble Mass Auto Recycling is a great option.

Teaching the Ropes

If you buy your child a new car, they may not have to deal with any serious repairs until they're well into the "real world". With a used car, it will be more important to teach them about oil maintenance and other car troubleshooting tips from the start. A great used car that's still reliable can be the best learning tool.

Learner's Curve

With teenage drivers who don't have much experience on the road, you have every reason to be cautious about an expensive new car with a nice paint job. Even minor car crashes can lead to bent fenders and scratches on the exterior. It might be wise to save the nice car for when they have more experience as a driver.

Reduce Related Expenses

When buying your child's first car, the car itself won't be your only expense. One major cost is car insurance, and a used car will be cheaper to insure than a new one. Part replacements for your new car are also likely to cost more if you want to get them from the original manufacturer. Unless your child is chipping in for their own insurance and maintenance costs, you might not want to commit to all of these recurring expenses when they're just starting out. 

Depreciating During the College Years

It's great if your son or daughter can take their car off to college, but on many college campuses, this is neither necessary or convenient. If your student doesn't need the car during college, a new car will simply sit in its parking space and depreciate over those four years. A used car is much less of a waste to sell before college, and you won't feel as bad for simply letting it sit.


17 September 2015