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My name is Louis Alexander, and I want to thank you for stopping by my website. I have an active family that consists of my wife Janice, our three children, two dogs, three horses, and me. We needed not only a truck that could tow, but also one that would comfortably seat my family. We are on the road for many hours when traveling to horse shows or on camping trips. We needed a new vehicle. One that would be capable of towing our horse trailer and travel trailer. I did a great deal of research online before venturing out to test drive trucks. I learned a lot about tow capabilities and capacities. I also discovered some differences between trucks that ran on diesel and gasoline. I’m going to share some of the information I found out about trucks and hope you find it of value.

3 Tips To Protect Your Car's Paint Job This Winter

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If you live in an area that is prone to snow and ice, you probably know how much of an effect winter weather can have on your car's paint job. If you want to protect your car's paint job and keep it looking great all winter long -- and after the winter has ended -- follow these tips.

1. Wax It

Before the winter weather strikes, wash your car thoroughly or take it to be detailed. Then, either apply wax yourself or ask someone at a detailing shop to do it for you. Wax doesn't just make your car look great; it also serves as a layer of protection between your vehicle and the snow, ice, and de-icing solution that it will come in contact with this winter. To ensure that your car is properly protected, have it waxed regularly throughout the season.

2. Keep it Clean

The last thing that you might feel like doing on a cold winter day is washing your car. However, if you leave all of the road salt, snow and ice on your car until it's warmer, it can have more of an effect on your paint job. Take the time to spray off your car a couple of times a week during inclement weather. If possible, use a pressure washer when you can -- such as at a car washing bay if you don't have one of your own -- so that you can get rid of accumulated snow and ice on the underside of your vehicle.

3. Be Careful When You Scrape

When you're in a hurry in the morning, your main focus might be on scraping away as much snow and ice as possible so that you can hit the road. However, hard plastic scrapers and other tools can scratch your car's paint job underneath the snow. Make sure that you only use brushes and other tools that are designed to be used on cars, and be careful when you're scraping your windshield so that you don't accidentally hit a painted surface of your car.

You might be worried about your car's paint job this winter, but following these three tips can help keep your car looking fantastic. Even if you aren't able to see its paint job very well underneath the snow and ice, you'll know that it's still in good shape. Then, you'll be more than ready to give your car a good spring cleaning after the winter months so that you can show off its still-immaculate paint job. If you do find that your car has suffered from the harsh winter weather, a local collision center will be able to help you repair the damage.


8 November 2015